• Brian with Emily and Charlotte on the Farm
  • Jane and Brian Down at The Udder Farm Shop
  • Emily and Charlotte on the Farm

The Story Behind West Country Farmer

Launched in 2014, West Country Farmer is the online meat box and hamper website from the farmers behind The Udder Farm Shop, a Farm Shop in the heart of the Blackmore Vale in Dorset. Brian and Jane are the husband and wife team behind the Udder Farm Shop, which opened in 2005.

Their farm next door to the shop has been in the Down family since 1938! They are a formidable force, keeping everything running whilst raising their two young daughters, Charlotte and Emily.

Why West Country Farmer?

Having run a successful farm shop for over 9 years to customers locally and also those visiting Dorset and the surrounding area, it became clear that those from further afield felt they were missing out on the great taste and quality of produce from the West Country.

What began with hampers being sold through the farm shop website before Christmas 2013, has swiftly turned into a larger venture, with customers near and far wishing to purchase both meat and other produce online.